Face Beauty Rank

Face Beauty Rank 1.5

The software will show the results in terms of beauty and proportions

Face Beauty Rank 1.5 by Beauty Rank Lab is a shareware program we can download from the developer's website and evaluate free of charge for a 30-day period. If we are satisfied, we can purchase it from the same site. First, we must get ready the right photo. It should be in .jpg or .bmp formats. It must be a frontal photo of the full face without any accessories, such as glasses, jewels, etc. It must be of large size and very clear. The mouth must be closed, eyes open, and neutral without any facial expression. We can start the program and upload the photo. Once upload, the Photo Import Wizard will tell us immediately if the photo is correct or not. We can zoom in and out, fit to screen, real size. If it is correct, the program will measure the face, step-by-step, the distance between the eyes, face width near the eyes, face width near the mouth, mouth width, nose width, face height, nose length, chin height, and forehead height. It is very useful the photo sample showing every measure. After making a mathematical logarithm base in the golden section, the software will show the results in terms of beauty and proportions. It runs under Windows 2000, XP and 2003 operating systems.

Review summary


  • 30-day free trial demo


  • We must take a photo for the ocassion that meet all the requirements
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